ON VIEW 31/08/2023 & 02/09/2023

:round_pushpin: Studio 8, Grüntaler Str. 8, 13357 Berlin, Germany

:cocktail: Vernissage 31/08/23 from 18.00 till late Closed on 01/09 :cocktail: Finissage 2/09/23 from 18.00 till late


“Quatsch” invites you to an engaging exhibition that explores the intriguing connection between lies and art. Lies represent the creative edge in our lives, propelling us forward and inspiring our dreams while intertwining with artistry. Discover the game-like aspect of lying, where it takes on diverse and fascinating forms. Experience the pervasive presence of lies in our society, as they thrive in the spaces between our existence and relationships, constantly shaping our perceptions. Delve into the transformative power of deception in the modern world, examining its role in various aspects, from capitalism to personal growth. Explore the taboo surrounding this hidden world, amplifying its influence and revealing its significance. Unveil the intricate interplay between truth and falsehood through thought-provoking installations and powerful artworks, which challenge your perception and provoke reflection. “Quatsch” aims to peel back the layers of truth that shape our stories, inviting you to reflect on how lies impact our desires, fears, and ambitions, offering a mirror to the complexities of human existence. Embark on this artistic journey, unravel the mysterious allure of lies, transforming your perspective and redefining your understanding of artistry as you immerse yourself in the captivating realm of deception.

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Amélie Prévoteau

is a self-taught interdisciplinary visual artist based in Berlin. Influenced by the mesmerizing and ever-changing landscapes of her native Brittany, Amélie is fascinated by the elements, shapes & contrasts surrounding her, continually exploring new universes, in pursuit of unique emotions, atmospheres, and perspectives. Her work conveys her deep connection to the unseen beauty of our planet, with a constant need to distort reality & perceptions while bringing a sense of hope, freedom, and happiness.

Julian Simon

Julian Simon, born 1994, is a Berlin-based painter focusing on painting and sculpture. In his work he explores introspective views that deal with everyday emotions and feelings. Using the medium of clay, which he then forms into objects or creatures that represent his thought or idea, he lays a foundation to then place them into specific situations that capture a certain tension of the wanted expression. The translation of this action through oilpainting creates a surreal and sometimes hard to grasp mood and plays with ones thoughts on what is actually happening on the canvas.

Jospehate Leon

Agathe Leray

is a child of movement. A painter and visual artist, she grew up between Grez-sur-Loing and Toulouse, journeying through Dusseldorf and Athens. From a young age, she took an interest in drawing, captivated by the world of comic books. Her work is deeply rooted in nature and architecture, oscillating between cities and countryside, organic and inert. She loves navigating through spaces, absorbing their essence, and letting her imagination wander through drawings where color embodies dystopia.

She explores and experiments with her inspirations through a multidisciplinary artistic approach that combines drawing, painting, prints, as well as an investigative stance in the realm of olfaction. Passionate about art and attuned to social and anthropogenic issues, she showcases her apprehension of the modern through various life scenes while questioning it. The sense of smell is a marvelous immersive tool, conveying information about places and their inhabitants. It can serve as a form of time travel, but also a lens to analyze the evolution of a space. Long sidelined in our sensory education and rarely invoked in visual arts, smell is now recognized as a tangible medium rich with history that the artist can shape at will. Agathe Leray is fond of everyday smells, those that might seem mundane to us, but can reveal a lot if one pays close enough attention.


is a Berlin-based automation artist, reportedly collaborates with AI entities from a secret lab in Tokyo. Known for encoding art direction into virtual machines powered by quantum relics, this avant-garde visionary once transformed New York’s Times Square into a living canvas using only 5G signals and holograms. Famed for repurposing internet content with tools rumored to have come from a hidden vault in Silicon Valley, pskl’s works are not only about imbuing machines with a poetic soul, but also about setting the stage for an era where art dances between dimensions. His Berlin exhibits are whispered to occasionally glitch into alternate realities, making each viewing a techno-mystical experience.

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Curation + Mediation:


  • Pierre Van De Velde


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