Press release, Blitz Gallery

Berlin, Release Date: For Immediate Release

In response to the year 2020, or the year that was stolen, Plattenvereinigung welcomes artists iKatch, pskl and Manolo Gamboa Naon in an exhibition exploring what happens when time stands still.

Not for 100 years has the world collectively gone through a systematic shutting-down of society which has asked each and every one of us to analyze how we value and spend our time. Through these three very different artists we see how each experiences a world that is no longer outwardly chaotic, but ripe with an inner chaos that we bring upon ourselves. Serotonin Depletion asks us to contemplate what is left when our normal sources of pleasure and connection vanish. What does time feel like when we are simply passing it?

Kathrin (Ikatch) was born in 1980 and lives in Berlin since 1998. In 2012 & 2019 she became a loving mother. “Nature and everything natural means the world to me. I‘ve always had many different interests and have always been creative as a way of expressing myself. Digital art is one channel for me to do so. It all begins with a photo (or image in general) that attracts my attention, inspires me. I start the process with various apps on different devices - because I enjoy learning and combining experience and experiments. It really is following the flow, it is not planned out, I just go ahead, try out new techniques, and when I like the result I proceed, otherwise I go one step back. Following the white rabbit, kind of. Also it is so fascinating to me how many opportunities there are nowadays for image editing.”

Manolo Gamboa Naon aka “Manoloide” is an Argentinean visual artist and creative coder whose interest focuses mainly on exploring generative visual aesthetics based on plastic experimentation with code. His works explore the potential of programming as an expressive language in the framework of generativity and process art. Combining images and video, he explores the possible relationships between chaos and order, organic and artificial, randomness and control. Manolo approaches the digital surface as a plastic space using the code as artistic materiality, based on the experimentation with basic geometric shapes, lines and colours. Inspired by artists like Raven Kwok, Ben Fry and Casey Reas, he believes that ‘code transcends language’. Color is also what stands out the most from Manolo’s work and that’s because ‘sometimes I spend more time forming a color palette than programming. My inspiration comes from looking around all the time. I look at a lot of things from design. Instagram, Twitter, all the time searching for references. A movie, an old newspaper. Inspiration comes from many places. In my work, I intend to evoke something - from a time or of a certain quality.’

pskl (b. 1990, Vannes, France) is embracing a noise-driven creative exploration, creating his own tools and autonomous systems for visual creation. His interest is based on passively repurposing internet material into new works of art. Coming from an engineering background his skill set lies at the intersection of automation and visuals creation. He works and lives in Berlin since 2016.

On view August 31 - September , 2019

Vernissage August 31, 2020 at 16.00 -> 22.00

DJ Line up: Cardiohud / Lowfeli / Mown / Notan / Grundstück





  • Rebecca Joe Loeb

Sound engineering:

  • Nikolaï Ranch
  • Jonas Steinleitner

Graphic design:

  • Katarina Elisabeth Stefanakos


  • Pierre Van De Velde
  • Ludovic Legrand

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