Press release, Blitz Gallery

Berlin, Release Date: For Immediate Release

Venue TBA welcomes artists Yuka Kobayashi, Jonas Beispiel and Pascal Lamouric in an exhibition exploring the cultural consequences of the pandemic situation and the slow re-emergence of normalcy.

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小林由佳 - Yuka Kobayashi Born in Tokyo, Kobayashi studied women’s wear design at the prestigious Bunka Gakuen University, also located in Tokyo, Japan. As an artist, Kobayashi has developed a multimedia practice that runs the gamut from ink on paper to painting, watercolor, digital collage, and more. Her pursuit of different formats to express her visual narrative allows her to switch fluidly between many different mediums from digital to analogue and back again, constantly seeking out the most relevant combinations of material and method.

The very physical and intimate nature of painting provides an outlet for Kobayashi to share her visceral sensations. Her body records these experiences and transmits them as vibrations, a physical manifestation of the sensory experience, which she translates onto paper through drawing and painting. Polaroid pictures act as a counterpoint, expressing a longing to record particular moments and to make them manifest physically. Struggling with her own ability to serialize and sequence memory, these polaroids are at once a necessary aid and a productive source.

Kobayashi combines the personal documentary aspect of the polaroid and with empathic and sensory-driven acrylic painting to develop a highly personal, multilayered and multi-sensory representation of particular moments. Understanding that memory is inherently biased, flawed, and bound to decay over time, she takes the process of forgetting and turns it into an opportunity for reanimation and reimagination; a chance to draw her own conclusions and build her own story.

Jonas Beispiel Originating from Bavaria Jonas’s body of work focuses on the raw explosivity of artistical expressions through all means necessary.

Pascal Lamouric (b. 1990, Vannes, France) is embracing a noise-driven creative exploration, creating his own tools and autonomous systems for visual creation. His interest is based on passively repurposing internet material into new works of art. Coming from an engineering background his skill set lies at the intersection of automation and visuals creation. He works and lives in Berlin since 2016.

On view August 31 - September , 2021

Vernissage August 31, 2021 at 16.00 -> 23.00

DJ Line up: Lowfeli / DJ Fuckoff / Mown / Double Spoon




  • Rebecca Joe Loeb

Sound engineering:

  • Niko Ranch

Graphic design:


  • Pierre Van De Velde