ON VIEW 31/08/2024 & 03/09/2024

:round_pushpin: Pharmacy, Beispiel Str. 8, 13357 Berlin, Germany

:cocktail: Vernissage 31/08/24 from 18.00 till late :cocktail: Finissage 3/09/24 from 18.00 till late


The concept of health has become a labyrinthine maze, where individuals navigate a dizzying array of options, from cutting-edge technology to esoteric practices resurrected from the annals of history. The exhibition “helth: its good for u” offers a provocative exploration of this phenomenon, inviting visitors to examine the myriad ways in which we seek to optimize our well-being in an age of unprecedented access to information and resources. From the rise of smart watches and genetic testing to the proliferation of dietary supplements and cosmetic enhancements, the exhibition casts a critical eye on the industries that have emerged to capitalize on our collective obsession with health, while also highlighting the potential pitfalls of a society in which every facet of our lives is subject to constant monitoring and improvement.

As we delve deeper into the rabbit hole of modern health, this group show raises thought-provoking questions about the blurring lines between science and pseudoscience, the role of technology in shaping our understanding of ourselves, and the unintended consequences of a culture built on contradictions. With a curatorial approach that is at once incisive and playful it offers a timely meditation on the complexities and contradictions of our quest for optimal wellness. More importantly: from seasoned clinicians to spiritual coaches and sound healers most come to the conclusion that attendance to the show is recommended for the personal wellness, vitality and longevity of the viewer.

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Julia is the cofounder of the xemantic collective, a collective which investigates applied philosophy in code. Meanwhile she also works as a doctoral candidate and ML engineer in a Health-tech startup. Besides she works on her approbation as a clinician in a mental institute.

Maxime Lester

is a creative director, photographer and nanomaterials researcher based in Łódź, Poland.


is a Berlin-based artist focused on the mutations caused by automation of the creative process. By encoding art direction into autonomous virtual machines, their output passively repurposes internet material into new results. Striving to summon a subjective soul into the machine realm, they also explore new methods of production that have inherent properties of scalability. The modular aspects of their practice enable us to gaze into an imminent future where the notion of art production is constantly redefined: a scaled body of work striving to embrace noise, reconsidering every single error and side effect as a fundamental benefit.

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